b-day & hat resurrected

greetings from planet birthday. it’s a pretty sweet place, where everyone likes you and wants to give you cool things for no reason at all except for being born on some random day. and you gladly accept this lavish attention with pink buttercream smears in one hand and a spongebob balloon in the other. but the price, of course, is that the next morning you realize you’re now twenty-schmumble which is exactly four wrinkles and a lady moustache away from oh-god-let’s-not-go-there. how fleeting life is, you ponder, and drown your worries in leftover cake.


well, getting old can’t be all bad if you have the right kind of friends to get old with. the kind that knows you well enough. the kind that gives you stuff like this.


speaking of dying, i recently found the smoldering remains of a certain hat accident from last winter and decided to try and resurrect them. fairly brave of me, since all attempts last time ended in nothing short of bloodshed. meaning the hat looked less like a hat and more like a condom with vertical ribs. this time it only took four cycles of knitting and frogging to get it right, but who’s counting. it looks like a simple pattern, which it is, but fitting it was a nightmare. hats for me always are. because of my giant trapezoid head.

size kinda loose
novita jussi (under 100g/4mm)

it’s kind of amazing actually how persistent i was with this piece. i’m not saying there weren’t any ohmybloodygodandfuck moments, because that would be a dirty dirty lie. but sometimes the amount of tenacity hidden under my onion layers scares me.

i’m also working on a very special surprise project that again concerns lace, since i’m now the bona fide master of intricate knitwork. more information on that next week. for now let’s just say my mental capacity is growing by the minute.

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  1. Liisa, sä osaat kyllä kirjoittaa 🙂 :)<br /><br />Yritän ymmärtää tätä sun ajoittaista neuleturhautumista – ilmeisesti se juontaa juurensa siitä, että sulla riittää taidot tehdä neulekonetasoista jälkeä? Itsehän olen opetellut syksyllä neulomaan (oltuani lapsena aina puutöissä) ja jaksan iloita kätösteni tuotoksista, vaikka taso ei todellakaan yllä samaan kuin näissä sun kuvissa 😀

  2. neulekoneeseen vertaaminen on ehkä suurin kohteliaisuus jonka neuloja voi saada, kiitos siitä! :D<br /><br />mullahan on käsitöiden suhteen aivan murhaava itsekritiikki, mistä johtuen mä yleensä pysyttäydyn mukavalla mukavuusalueellani enkä tee muuta kuin mitä jo osaan. mutta viime aikoina oon yrittänyt haparoiden laajentaa muihinkin suuntiin ja dokumentoin sitä täällä, koska onhan se nyt vaan

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