epic non-fail

 so i didn’t die. apparently i’m more resilient than i thought. but all the squinting at the pattern did make my brain go ouch. even though this was a rehearse project the end result is pretty sweet. the yarn works well in terms of color and material, so not too shabby a choice for something that was supposed to be a textbook case of “epic fail”.

size 175 x 15 cm
colinette jitterbug (just under 100g/4mm)


i spent the entire sunday finishing and blocking the scarf while drinking tea and listening to dan bejar and metallica (metallica? yes, metallica) which caused my idyll-o-meter to go red so today i’ve mostly scratched my proverbial balls and spit on people walking under my balcony. the universe is again balanced.

seriously, it really is nice to do things you consider nice. another pearl of my wisdom right there.

i probably need to re-block the scarf at some point soon, because it seems to have shrunk back a little. but i guess it’s going to shrink horizontally anyway since i wear it kind of scrunched around my neck.

by the way, i dare you all to try and find rust-proof T-pins in a town that somehow still thinks regular pins are perfectly functional for all household chores from hanging posters to popping zits. i finally spotted them at a local model store but caused the guy at the counter to have an aneurysm when i kept asking him if they were stainless steel. “why’s that important, how long were you planning to immerse them in water?” well thanks for not being a dick about it.

anyway, lace virginity lost. high five. where are mah smokes?


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