my name is liisa. i am the harbinger of sheepy things, crafty things, and questionable language. i am 32 years old and live in the aptly named, absurdly beautiful british columbia. i grew up in the mildly socialist republic of finland, where i learned much about nudity and developed an abnormal affection for potatoes, but moved to canada in 2012 to pursue my inexplicable career dreams in yarn and fibre.

after two years of wrangling yarn at a local dyehouse i changed gears and now spend my days wrangling investment advisors at a local financial institution. after hours, however, i moonlight as a semi-accomplished knitting pattern designer and teach knitting classes at various locations in the lower mainland.

i’ve been a crafter since forever and ever. my grandmother taught me to knit at the tender age of 7 or so and i’ve had needles in my hands ever since. knitting is my mind palace and has quite literally saved my life more than once.

i also sew, crochet, spin and use glitter for every purpose i can come up with.

i started chronicling my crafty escapades in 2011 in a blog called socks-a-plenty, which eventually grew too small for my schemes for world dominance. in 2014 my long-brewing plan to bring all my endeavours under one roof was ready to be finalized and thus early 2015 saw the birth of fluff & hustle.

aside from crafting, some of the other things i enjoy are tea, puppies, nailpolish, aeroplanes, dinosaurs, whiskey, spencer krug, spongebob, organizing, alphabetizing, 40’s movies, 80’s movies, farts, soccer, understitching, frisbee-throwing, hand-writing, riding in cars, riding in trains, riding on ponies and eating plain chips crushed into soft serve vanilla ice cream.

want to know more? e-mail me or follow my adventures on instagram!

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