i give you stacks

surprise folks! i gone and made a new pattern!

this simple little thing is called stacks, and it’s presented here by ashley, the ever-gracious evil twin sister of mine. look how her face is just pure evil! see? SEE?


some kidding aside, i do love her dearly. she makes my things look good. and doesn’t complain when birds poop on her during these shoots. that’s what i call a win-win. for me.

the cowl comes in two sizes and the smaller one only eats up 50 grams of DK weight yarn, so you can make it in like 20 minutes (especially if you’ve happened to take my speed knitting class, and if not, why the fook not?). nothing too hard going on there, just knit and purl stitches with some slipped stitches in between, but put together they make for some pretty cool texture!

the sample was made in diamond luxury highlander, which is quite the surprising new favorite of mine! everyone knows i’m the worst yarn snob out there, but this affordable gem is pretty rad! it’s rustic, tweedy and non-superwash, so that’s basically three out of three for me. the sample’s out on display at wet coast wools here in vancouver and they also have the full highlander colour palette available.


stacks is up for sale on ravelry as of right now, for a very reasonable price of 7 CAD (roughly 10 cents in any other currency, so you’re welcome). or you can support your local yarn store by buying it through the ravelry in-store pattern sales program, which will earn you some extra kudos and potentially one very shiny spongebob sticker the next time i see you!

now go forth and get yours while they’re hot!


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