back on track

please excuse the pseudoartistic tree hugger crap of the previous post. i had to do something. not being able to knit for almost two weeks made me delusional. that and painkillers. sweet opioidic mind-numbing BFF painkillers.

but i finally got some essential supplies on saturday and immediately made a pair of socks. oh god how good it felt. like taking a shower after spending 12 days in a broken porta-potty. and with a critically placed 7 inch wound that’s not supposed to get wet for the first 15 days, i’m only half joking.

kiertoradalla by tiina kuu
size 37
cascade heritage (70g / 2.5mm)

they were presented to and modeled here by my sister-in-law, who graciously waited for 4+ months for me to darn the previous pair i made her, which i ended up… uh, never doing… because, well… i just didn’t feel like it. the patience some people have for my idio-moronic-syncracies astounds me.

i also messed up the stitch count somewhere around the heel area (although i refuse to claim full responsibility for it, the pattern was at times just way out there), making the lace pattern uneven between the two socks, but see how cunningly i took the pictures so you can’t tell? and therefore still consider me a competent and admirable knitter?

i didn’t have time to block them either. so i’m not super happy with the way they turned out. but at least i got to knit something. and more important, i’m back on her favorite people list, which will come in handy around christmastime.

p.s. armageddon made me cry. again.

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