more niceties

today’s another good day. seems odd. surely the universe cannot handle such good fortune in such a short time. maybe i’ll die in a weird gardening accident next week.

first i heard that my great musical hero and father of half of my future children*, jonah matranga, is playing a show here next week. i’ve waited for this for ten years. he’s basically the reason i went from goth (yes) to normal (ish) more than a decade ago (jesus christ, am i really that old?), and now he’s coming here. i’ll probably cry. and throw panties at him. he’ll dodge, but i’ll throw more.

then i had a doctor’s appointment for a sore ankle, and she was super nice and bent all possible rules to get things fixed before the weekend and totally made me feel like a real person and not just a sad sack of shi–sickness. usually doctors make me cry, because they’re inherently evil.

but after that i felt comforted enough to take a bus far beyond the city limits. saw swans on the way. and some big-ass 380 contrails. which alone would’ve sufficed to save my day. but after i landed at a yarn outlet store into which no earthly mundane worries can ever penetrate, i found more of malabrigo freakin’ sock. in candombe. with gorgeous shades of yellow. and some lovely manos lace too. it’s so soft i want to die. my body can’t handle this much orgastic pleasure.

also i found some neat little birch needles that incidentally come in packs of 6 instead of 5, so no more roaring rampages if one needle gets eaten by a dog (check) or stepped on (check) or otherwise mishandled (check). they come with a 5-year guarantee too, against breakage from normal use. a rather courageous thing to promise, if you ask me and my it’s-not-knitting-if-your-knuckles-aren’t-white technique.

finally i got home, and to finish off the day on a splendid high-pitched woohoo note, had two yarn shipments waiting. the first one had some silk/ramie blend yarn whose navy color is almost as close to perfection as the yellow koigu. my age-old antipathy towards the color blue has been lifted! i feel like singing! and dancing! and throwing panties!

the second one had three skeins of sivilla, which will eventually become a surprise dress for my 2.5 year old niece who’s crazy obsessed with the color pink (and who hopefully can’t read yet).

so in my universe things are going rather well. like jonah says…

what a relief
we’re all okay

*the other half being fathered by spencer krug.. although ideally both at the same time

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