seems like my obsession with yarn has gone to a whole new level. and i’m not just talking about basic, no-frills yarn. i’m talking about luxury yarn. hand-dyed yarn. yarn you can only get from one store 2000 miles away. 30 bucks for a hank? worth every penny. i’m not gonna have anything left for food, but still.

recent weeks have been especially.. um.. productive in terms of online shopping. luckily i can’t count double-digit numbers so i don’t know how much i’ve spent exactly. but it’s not like i’m drinking or buying male prostitutes so it’s all good, right?

first i got me some blackberry zauberballs at a yarn sale. usually i don’t like gradient colors, but here they go together quite nicely.

think i only bought one ball? think again

here’s a couple of knitpicks stroll handpainted sock yarns from great british yarns. i actually only ordered the bottom two (tree fort and playtime), but they accidentally sent the wrong colors at first and after sorting it out gave the top one (tea party) for free. cool beans. stroll sock is definitely one of my favorite sock yarns, but it’s really hard to get outside the U.S.

then there’s malabrigo lace in cadmium and alpine pearl from priima. i’m not a huge fan because the yarn breaks so easily, but the colors are pretty cool, although i was going for a more ochre-type yellow. (not visible: the amount of damage the yellow one took when the mailman tried to ram it through my tiny letterbox.)

two hanks of mirasol hacho (333) from lankaidea, too thick for socks but will be good for baby clothes or something. the manufacturer does charity in peru which made the impromptu decision to buy it easier.

some hand-dyed sock yarn from villamokka

wool and silk yarn from a recent crafts fair…

heritage silk, silkbloom extra fino, cascade 220

and finally, the crown jewels of my collection, fleece artist trail socks in redfox and hemlock from titityy. knitting this yarn is better than having sex. with another person, even. the hanks are so pretty that odds are i’ll never even wind them, i’ll just sit and look at them in complete awe. maybe sing a little love tune every now and then. who needs men when there’s yarn around.

money well spent. definitely. right?

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