hippo hooray

just so you don’t think i’m a ruthless, heartless bitch with no tolerance or compassion for any my fellow men, please know that i’ve just had four quite relaxing days off work and am now more or less back to my own amiable self. thank you for your patience, and apologies for all the fuck you’s.

also, have a look at the following.

flodhästen by mia bengtsson
smc egypto cotton (50g / 2.5mm)

he was a gift to my brown-eyed, four-toothed angel of a niece on her first birthday. and probably the most heartwarming, awww-inducing little thing i’ve ever managed to make. not entirely childproof, but festively plump nonetheless.

and he even has freakin’ toes. the wrong amount though, as my dad, ever tactful, was quick to point out.

so happy birthday again, sweetheart. may this anatomically incorrect hippo be your guide through your second year of existence. just try and not eat the eyes, or mom will beat the living crap out of me.

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