metal on metal

let me tell you about my brother.

he’s kind. he’s pretty. he takes me to heavy metal gigs and refuses to let me pay for anything. in fact, he’s just so freakin’ awesome that it transcends all of my usual pseudo-witty commentary. so without any further gimmicky introduction i’m just gonna blurt it out that he wanted a grey chunky modern-looking scarf, and i made him one.

anvil scarf by me
size 17 x 160cm
lana grossa alta moda cashmere (150g / 6mm)

the name comes from the kick-ass documentary anvil! the story of anvil which served as some sort of inspiration when i was designing and swatching the scarf. check out the woolly headgear of the uncompromising canadian metal heroes and you’ll see what i mean.

i love the finished diagonal (and reversible!) look and apparently the dear bro likes it too. for once i totally nailed a custom order!

i decided not to block it to keep it as rustic and unpolished as possible, and to make sure the yarn retains its volume. again it would’ve smoothened some of the unevenness of the stitches, but i think the rough and bulky look works better here.

it was a super fast knit too, only took two nights with 6mm needles. the yarn is really soft and the chain structure makes for an interesting texture, but for some reason it feels like acrylic to me even though it’s supposed to be 80% merino and 20% cashmere. i’m thinking the infamous debbie bliss scam here. surely the germans wouldn’t lie..?

the pattern is available if anyone wants it, so leave a comment if you’re interested.

otherwise he will come and EAT YOUR BRAIN
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  1. what a fantastic scarf! well done! it seems your wonderful brother loves it too! looks great on him! i clicked on the link about the scam. holy paperwork! i had never heard of it before, what is it about? (in a nutshell)… again… love the scarf! very rustic. and manly.

  2. why thank you! you&#39;re too nice. i might get used to it and become cocky and annoying. which i&#39;m not. yet. but soon.<br /><br />well basically cascade says debbie bliss lied about their yarn content. that there&#39;s no way they could have so much cashmere in their yarns for such a low price. so cascade had one yarn broken down at a lab somewhere and apparently found no cashmere where it

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