calling all canadians

well, not all exactly. but more on that in just a second.

i am painfully aware how silent this place has been lately. painfully aware, literally. because i just spent the last four weeks in the most agonizing pain god has ever chosen to inflict upon me. as if that murderous c**t hadn’t put me through enough already, but i digress.

the short story is i had to have emergency surgery last week, but i’m fine now.

so fine, in fact, that i can go ahead and board that plane to canada, which i bought tickets for 9 months ago but couldn’t be sure i could ever even use because of aforementioned health problems, which would’ve been entirely avoidable but ultimately weren’t because every single instance responsible for treating such problems refused to do so until the originally harmless little annoyance had become a brain-wrecking, spine-bursting, motherfucking steam engine of a pain-induced death sentence that punched me off my feet and left me wailing like a banshee skinned alive (my brother will never look at me the same way again). at which point i scored four emergency room visits in six days, as well as so many shots of morphine that my sXe membership card instantly withered away and died.

but like i said, i’m fine now.

so for the next couple of weeks i’ll be roaming around the pacific northwest, doing what i do, i.e. mainly hoarding yarn. if you’re in the vancouver-victoria-seattle area and feel like hoarding with me, drop me a line.

i’ll enable you if you’ll enable me.

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  1. I&#39;m so excited that you&#39;re coming to canada!!! but very sad news is that we&#39;ll be away on holiday when you come to the island.. unless you and melissa feel like heading upisland for a visit? <br />i hope you have a more than fantastic time!!! thinking of you lots. and wishing i could hoard more yarn with you. xo

  2. Anonymous

    Tavallisesti vain lurkkailen täällä blogissasi (olen työpaikkasi asiakas), mutta nyt täytyy hihkaista, koska olen itse asunut Victoriassa. Siellä on todella kaunista. Ja hyvä lankakauppa (Beehive Wool Shop)!

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