this little shelly went to germany

shelly’s famous, man! after the previous post a friend of mine in germany expressed some interest in getting a raunchy little turtle of her own. and being the generous and overallily* nice person that i am, i made her a very special edition of shelly in sumptuous pink colors. poor thing was stuffed in a tiny box for four days, travelling up and mostly down europe, but apparently recovered quickly and is already busting some steven seagal type of dance moves.

props to antje for the photo!

also he’s taken up learning german. should i be worried?

in other news: i was making a pair of paraphernalia socks, because the cable pattern seemed nice and also i wanted to use my mokkasukka for something more than just a basic pair of socks. anyway, this is how far i got…

…before i realized there’s no way in hell they’re gonna fit my giant quadrilateral feet (which pair up nicely with my giant trapezoid head). apparently my gauge was off by roughly a gazillion stitches. how about making a swatch or something first? no, that would remove the whole element of surprise. which is what makes knitting interesting. you get what bob allows you to get. and frogging is good fun, too.

and no, i don’t want to donate them to someone with lesser feet. because if i can’t have these socks, nobody else can either. ha. ha.

*overallily [adv]. mainly; in most cases; altogether.

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