my friends – i’ve made a thing.

the thing is called tidelines, and it’s my newest shawl pattern. i’ve been posting teasers about this babe for weeks so it’s about time i spill the beans and show the rest of it!


we launched it mega successfully yesterday at my trunk show at baaad anna’s, and now it’s ready to be released into the wild! much thanks to everyone who stopped by yesterday as well as paula for hosting me, and be sure to check out my co-star sweaterfreak aka jenny failfel and her gorgeous patterns too!

tidelines is an asymmetrical garter shawl made in two colours of YOTH little brother. for the sample i used colourways mango and banana, and don’t they just look divinely vibrant here against the foggy north van sky?


the MCN content makes this fingering-weight shawl irresistibly squishy and such a joy to knit – i cranked this puppy out in a few nights of rabid-speed-monkey-on-acid knitting but the next one i’m definitely going to take it slow and savour all the loveliness of it.

to make yours you’ll need around 420 yards of the main colour and 250 yards of the contrast colour. the gently curved shaping is done with continuous short rows, and some strategically placed eyelet rows are there for some extra flair and interest.


the sample is on display at baaad anna’s where you can also pick up a paper copy of the pattern. if you prefer a PDF download you can head on over to ravelry and get yours for a very reasonable price of $7!

all the kudos to my test knitters, ally, rebecca and melissa for jumping in headfirst to help with yet another evil scheme of mine, my tech editor tana for fixing all the mistakes i made because carrying out evil schemes is actually pretty hard, and my gorgeous model and friend katerina for agreeing to an early march outside shoot wearing nothing while i was wearing everything and heroically ignoring the mildly inappropriate passersby at canada place. i would not be able to do what i do without you guys! high fives and butt bumps all around!

i already have some new patterns brewing in my sleep-deprived head so stay tuned for more teasers soon! right after i spend today watching nothing but spongebob and wearing everything except pants.

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