so you’ve probably noticed the lack of action around here.

it’s not that stuff hasn’t been happening. it’s more on the so-much-stuff-is-happening-that-my-head-will-explode-any-minute-now side.

as you know i recently packed my stuff and moved to vancouver, to work a stupendously unexpected but equally stupendously appreciated job at sweetgeorgia. to the question, “how on earth did that happen?” i can only respond, “i have no idea, but it did, and it’s pretty freakin’ sweet”.

can you spell “dreamjob”? can you spell “the most singularly awesome thing to ever have happened to my poor tormented adversity-ridden soul”?

the smell of wet wool in the morning is intoxicating.

it’s been three weeks and only now am i starting to comprehend just how lucky i am. mostly due to the fact that wherever i go in the lower mainland i keep meeting yarn people who, after hearing about my current state of affairs, at first smile politely, and then lunge forward to try to scratch my eyes out. good thing the walking dead has taught me a lot about self-defense.

the downside of all this is, i had to stuff my entire life into two bags and pretty much start afresh. meaning as of right now i have no books or patterns or equipment to take proper photos with, and in the midst of all this excitement i also seem to have run out of witty things to say. i’m knitting more than in a long time, but the results won’t make their way here until i get a lot of stuff sorted out. i’m hosting a non-knitting-related travel blog though which you’re welcome to follow, if finnish is your bag, baby.

so in the meantime i wish you all a merry christmas or whatever it is that you’re celebrating, and thanks for your patience.

oh, and to all of you vancouverites out there, feel free to drop me a line if you want to hang out or something. but just so you know, any envy-induced attacks on my person will be met with a zombie death punch.

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