hiatus schmiatus

in case you had any doubt about my borderline OCD dedication to yarn, please note that today, sunday september 11, exactly five days since my entire right asscheek was sliced open, pronged into and stapled back together with 21 shiny pieces of industrial metal, i rose from my sickbed and forced myself into a car, drove 20 miles and entered a crafts fair where i promptly acquired six hanks of yarn and a pack of square dpn’s while mowing down passers-by with my crutches and causing some general alarm because of the please-god-let-me-die look on my face (as well as my clockwork scarf, which apparently is so goddamn cool that it actually forces random people to stop and tell me how cool it is) then turned rather laborously around and drove back home.

where i now lie dying.

but still, i rule.

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  1. ohmygod. i JUST found you, because of your paulie on ravelry. and this is the first post i read. and now i need to follow you, because i&#39;m creepy. no. not really. just share your same ridiculous obsession with yarn! well done!<br />rebecca

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