spinning is not hard

you can all relax now. i’ve found peace. i no longer feel the need to use my drop spindle for horrifying purposes such as gouging out the eyes of anyone who comes up and says “oh but spinning is not that hard”. i’m now the master of myself and that demonic phallus of doom.

to recap, here’s what i barfed up on my first spinning session back in november.

this is from session no. 2. not as much of an eyesore anymore, but still too snarly and completely unusable for any of my lofty purposes. few things in life are good enough for me, as you surely are aware by now.

finally at some point during the third session yesterday i managed to find my groove. and spinning actually became fun. fun, i tell you! every single muscle in my body may disagree, but fuck them and their stupid stupidness.

see how even and consistent and pretty the finished yarn is? the way things are going i might actually end up using this shit for something! sure there’s still a little too much twist, and i’m still really really slow (a staggering 23 meters in four hours) but dude! i made it and i’m happy. besides, i was way faster to learn than the chick at knitty, and that’s what counts.

i need to go buy more fiber now.

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