it’s been debilitatingly hard not to say anything about this. seriously. i’ve had to do some pretty mean kegels here not to spill the premature beans. but today’s the day when this magnificent piece of news goes public!

the new twist collective winter issue was published today, and you will be pleasantly surprised to find my brand new sweater pattern there.



the channa sweater started out as an attempt to make the sweater i knew i wanted but couldn’t find anywhere. i wanted it to be casual enough to be thrown on for errands, but with potential to dress it up if necessary – basically the sweater that’s good for anything, kind of like that one perfect, magical pair of shoes you can wear with everything without thinking of colours or pant lenghts or weather conditions, except those shoes don’t exist, but this sweater does. thanks to me. you’re welcome.

then there was planning, and scheming, and lots of fumbling and frogging and researching at the national what-in-god’s-earth-am-i-doing library, and eventually this sweater emerged, and then the lovely people at twist were like, “yo liisa, let’s dance”.

and i was like, “cool”.


named after a very dear friend of mine, channa is made with a soft, DK weight alpaca blend from the fibre company, which is simply divine for winter layering, and has a magnificent sheen to it while still being simple and rustic. if you’re feeling adventurous, i imagine a lofty fingering-weight would work really well too. be sure to check your gauge though, which is not something i really ever do, but you should, because you’re smarter than me (they say).

head over to twistcollective.com for some gasp-inducingly positive comments from none other than clara parkes herself, and ravelry for more photos! and once you get makin’ be sure to tag your progress with #channasweater so i can stalk you!

that’s it! class dismissed. teacher needs to go eat ALL OF THE CAKE.

(all photos courtesy of and with much thanks to twist collective & crissy jarvis)

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  1. It’s stunning! I’m so happy for you! And for me!

    I also just bought the pattern, but now I need to figure out the yarn. Usually I’d rather use fingering, but OTOH that Acadia looks divine. So. Decisions decision. Anyway I’m not allowed to buy more yarn this month. Except in an emergency.

    1. liisa

      thanks friend! you are too kind!! also please enjoy this insider tip – the original prototype for this sweater was fingering-weight. anything rustic and sticky should work divinely (cough loft cough holst cough isager cough cough cough). besides this TOTALLY counts as an emergency.

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