there she goes

year 2011, that is. it was right here and now it’s gone.

and good riddance too.

a frightening amount of perfectly horrible, never-again-shall-i-endure-this type of stuff happened. in terrifying frequency, i might add. i had to face things no sane or insane person is inherently equipped to handle, both within myself and through some extremely shitty circumstances. without going any further into some pretty morbid details let’s just say i’m extremely happy to start a new number.

the virginal storage of potentially awesome days that’s 2012.

but to be fair, plenty of perfectly nice things happened as well. knitting-wise (and otherwise-wise) the past year’s been a total eye-opener, and i do mean it in the most constructive sense possible.

for the first time ever i managed to knit a sweater i  actually want to wear, and what’s more, repeated the success five more times throughout the year. sure it made me teeter on the brink of my sanity on the way, but still. i found the lucrative and financially disastrous world of luxury yarns. i learned to spin, for god’s sake. and to top everything off i got a job on the inside. which is still almost as much a dream job as it was on day one.

and since knitting makes up around 80% of my general well-being, i’m pretty sure that once the clock hits 12 the final cosmic tally between awesome and crap will fall in favor of awesome.

so to celebrate all the awesomeness i raise my proverbial glass to being alive and (sorta) well, and fart laughingly in the general backward direction of all things crappy.

happy new year!

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