keep calm & carry on

no reason to panic! despite some rumors that i’ve gone apeshit over luxury yarn again, i have in fact contained  myself and spent my money on my most basic, fundamental human needs only. like shower gel and cheese.

to assure you that everything’s cool beans around here, i solemnly swear that this isn’t kollage sock-a-licious.

these aren’t two gorgeous hanks of mokkasukka, certainly not in colorways pellervo and samuel, the (non-existent) latter of which very much (not) resembling the (hypothetical) yarn above.

this is not araucania ranco. really. it’s not.

and even though they may appear so, these aren’t two koigu KPMs in the most perfect shade of burnt yellow i’ve ever seen.

they’re all mere holographic projections of yarn-y goodness against the backdrop of my maniacal, yarn-craving, excessive personality. so, you see, all is well. and i smell good too.

i do, however, admit having acquired eight skeins of basic alpaca, but since they were less than a double-digit amount of euros a piece, they don’t count. really. they don’t.

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