i have been quiet, because there is a revolting air of terror hovering over me.

for the past 12 weeks i have been waiting for a new work permit, the obtaining of which, or alternatively, the un-obtaining of which, determines whether i will stay permanently in canada and play with yarn for a living until, supposedly many happy years later, i die peacefully in my sleep – or move back home and come up with some kind of a plan B.

it’s too much to bear.

my mind is going. i can feel it. i can feel it.

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  1. Oh dear. Switching to Finnish here: toivottavasti kaikki sujuu mahtavasti ja saat työluvan ja monta onnellista vuotta ja ja ja. Nyt muakin jännittää sun puolesta. Vaikka mun on myös helpompi uskoa, sun puolesta, että kaikki menee hyvin.

  2. Eeek!! I&#39;ve been wondering what&#39;s been going on!! But figured nothing has happened yet or you would&#39;ve said something…but in the meantime were nicely holed up with your man. ;)<br /><br />Ugh. The agonizing of waiting your fate. I still gots my fingers crossed for you!!! ♥

  3. oh liisa!!! i can&#39;t imagine how you&#39;re feeling. xoxoxo thank goodness for focusing somewhat on knitting, no? i&#39;ve got everything crossed for you! xoxoxoo

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