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    1. a couple of ospreys and a pile of peacock chickadees. after an atrociously shitty day at work clicking BUY NOW seemed to make everything instantly better again.<br /><br />and man did i walk on clouds the whole day after opening the package! they&#39;re so freaking cute and fluffy and gorgeous! you need to get some. i command you.<br /><br />oh and felicia says monday the 10th is ok with her!

  1. ummm did you save some for me? haha. i have not yet knit with quince &amp; co. but i have to make it happen soon… also… are you coming this way soon?

    1. there should be something left.. if you act fast.. no but seriously, they&#39;re really really nice, both the yarns and the people behind it!<br /><br />and i am indeed coming your way soon, check your mailbox!

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