mr. freeze

it seemed like such a good idea. photographing the latest FO outside. after all, it was only -26C. surely a finn, accustomed from birth to living in the dark and wrestling polar bears while dousing herself with whale blubber, is perfectly capable of enduring such temperatures. surely?

gyllis by stephen west
size kinda perfect
sweet georgia tough love (100g / 3.5mm)

at first it was all good. the perfect branches were found, and the lighting was just right too. what a gorgeous setting for such a gorgeous piece of work, made from a pattern by the gorgeous stephen west, and with the yarn the equally gorgeous miss melissa benevolently donated me some weeks ago.

however, after approximately seven minutes the amount of physical pain inflicted by the freezing windchill despite the 14 layers of clothing surpassed the will to live get the perfect shots. it was now a death battle for getting any shots at all. gods were renounced, fingers were lost.

not pictured: please god let me die

at which point the artist said “fuck this” and went back inside.

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  1. Wow you are one fast knitter! When I sent you that skein I thought it would take a while for you to get around to knitting it up. <br /><br />That is some amazing work that you&#39;ve done there! I&#39;m thinking I need to add that pattern to my queue now.

    1. it was an insanely fast knit, took just 3 days and i didn&#39;t even get into my zombie-madman-on-acid mode. the color and content of the yarn was just so right for this scarf that i had to make it right away. you know my yarn taste better than i do. you. complete. me.<br /><br />besides stephen&#39;s designs are the exact perfect manifestation of girly unisex for my rekkalesbo style. this thing

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