project snooker

here’s a little something i whipped together while watching the snooker world champ final on TV. before you say anything, let me just tell you that snooker is a fine and noble sport. played by manly men. with bow ties. go john higgins!

i know the prime season for cervical warmers is pretty much over for this spring, or is for normal people at least. i’m such a freezing douchebag that i need to cover myself with sheepy by-products well into june or july. so it’s not too late to make these, especially since they take less than ten hours to make. i’m already working on another cowl because we’ve now had two earth-shatteringly (is that a word?) hot summers in a row and the notoriously vengeful god probably won’t grant us a third one. let the rest of the nation freeze. me and my cowls will be fine.

size modified
fleece artist trail socks hemlock (75g, 3mm)

i made it much smaller than the pattern called for, casting on 120 stitches instead of 160, but left out a couple of decrease rounds so i could use the 40cm circular all the way. the size came out perfect.

the color looked better on the hank than in the finished cowl, although the slouchy texture does cover most of the pooling. pooling makes my eyes bleed. i think a gradient color flow would’ve been better for this project, but i’ll live. winding the yarn was a real fuckin’ nightmare too. believe me. 100% silk yarn is easier to wind than this sticky bastard that attracts static electricity like crazy. but it’s still a great knit. because it comes from canada.

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