baby stuff part deux

okay, forget everything i said about girly and boy-y clothing in the previous post. i just had to make this lacy number. look how pretty it is!

maile sweater by nikki van de car
size about 3 mo
sandnes lanett (65 g / 3mm)

a couple of grievances though.

first, i should’ve used smaller needles. 3’s made the piece a little droopy and blocking made it even worse. always go for number 2 (chuckle) with fingering weight yarn. always.

second, i very nearly slit my wrists at the armhole part like everyone else, because the author in her infinite wisdom herself prefers to “struggle through” joining body and sleeve stitches without binding off any. no sane person will be able to do that, without breaking stuff at least, and there should’ve been a clear plan B for those of us with lesser blessings in the patience department. shame on you!

but again, the finished piece shows no signs of any near-death experience, which can only be attributed to my personal mental stamina. obviously.

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