just when we thought summer would skip our grand nordic nation entirely, that she would cruelly ignore our very existence in this odd peninsula–affectionately nicknamed either the armpit or the asshole of northern europe, depending on which warped position you imagine us in–she arrived in a blazing chariot of heat and sunshine.

“go out and get naked,” she said, and the entire nation went, “okay.”

except me.

this is me celebrating summer in the best way i know how, i.e. by posing in a long-sleeved shirt and a chunky woolly hat, looking as soulful and tormented as edgar allan poe, or robert smith, or to a lesser extent, aaron lewis. i can’t believe that band still exists.

rosebud by jared flood
size small
brooklyn tweed shelter (50g / 4.5-5mm)

what can i say. hats are my weakness.

against every last grain of intuition i had in my body i made the smaller size instead of the slouchy one. usually i’m drawn to anything that’s labeled slouchy like gum on shoesoles, but this time something in my brain said no. by the time i reached the point of either continuing on to crown decreases, or knitting the cable chart once more, i just found myself having less and less stitches on the needle. i like to wear my hats pretty far back so somehow i managed to figure out even the shorter model could work.

and this time, completely out of character, i even weaved a lifeline into the stitches of the final row before the decreases, so that if i totally changed my mind i could go back and undo the rows without counting them and getting all messed up on the chart. i have no idea where all this epic far-sightedness comes from right now.

it sits really well too now, and the shelter yarn (in homemad jam, for those interested) was every bit as pleasant to knit with as i expected. although i have to say that both loft and shelter tend to lose some of their perky fluffiness with blocking. or maybe i’m doing it wrong. they get a little droopy. not too droopy, but i could do without some of the droopiness. it doesn’t really show in photos though.

what’s also not showing in the photos is my mom crying because of my fascistic art direction during this photography session. sorry mom. at least the girl knows what she wants.

and i haven’t had a haircut in 13 months. does that show? sheesh. no wonder i’m still single.

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  1. haha ok first. i love that toque! it's so awesome. and second. i just about wrecked my computer with coffee. i love your posts. you crack me up. xo

    1. now i'm torn. should i accept this lavish praise, or reject it and stop blogging altogether to protect your computer? cause i'm not getting you a new one sister 😀

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