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a friend of mine came up to me in march.

“can you make me a lace scarf for my sister’s wedding?” she asked. “of course”, i replied, with a magnificent halo of professional knittingdom above my head. “i can do anything.”

so she bought a pattern and some super fancy silk yarn, and told me to do my thing.

i went home, sat down and said, “gee willikers”. well, something to the effect. beginning with the letter F.

i’m not very smart, you see. any work that requires active usage of the brain scares me. combine that with a whole lot of chart repetition, which hardly appeals to my tragic attention span and TV knitter habits, and you’ve got yourself a nice little shit sandwich.

but i boldly took up the challenge anyway, and after mere six months of extreme procrastination and subsequent consuming guilt the scarf is finally done. and i’m ready for some serious compliments, people. lie if necessary.

tuomi by milja uimonen
size 28 x 200 cm
bc garn silkbloom extra fino (90g / 3.5mm)

i’m really happy with it too. really. i am. the yarn wasn’t exactly an orgastic joyride to knit but works great in the finished piece. all shiny and excessive. i made 28 repeats of the chart and together with a rather violent blocking ended up with spot-on two meters of lacey drapeness.

but where the designer (and other normal balanced individuals) sees flowers, i see angry bees. for some completely non-freudian reasons, i’m sure.

i’m still not hugely and obsessively in love with lace for aforementioned reasons, but i do like the part where i get to say “finished” and get unconditional admiration from people who can’t or won’t knit themselves (and who thus don’t know any better). and of course it’s nice to be able to make something and then sell it for an outrageous price donate it benevolently to someone who appreciates it.

but the biggest mystery about this whole thing is how my friend knew what she’s going to wear for the wedding 18 months in advance. because it won’t be held until fall 2012. very, very not girly-like. in fact, i’m not sure she’s a girl at all. i check myself regularly. maybe she should too.

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