seven-day cardigan

so i made a cardigan. in seven days. you heard me. to the question, “have you no life” the answer is a loud and resounding “no”. but instead i have a sweet cardigan, so, there.

the pattern is a simple top-down model with 13 buttons and some pleats in the front and back. i used a smaller needle and thinner yarn so went one size up to get a nice fit. in the end it took exactly five skeins of yarn, which is odd, because the plain and simple took seven and it didn’t even have sleeves. bob, the patron saint of knitting, indeed works in mysterious ways.

size 32″ to get 30″
grignasco flavia baby  (250g/2.5-3mm)

i had stashed the yarn sometime during the winter when there was a sale on my absolute all-time hands-down favorite yarn at a local shop. (the final tally came out at somewhere beyond 20 or 30 skeins but, you know, who’s counting.) originally i meant to knit the thermal sweater with this color but at some point went “nah” and made this cardigan instead. in seven days. the phrase “zombie madman on acid” is once again a pretty accurate description of my person during that week.

but like most of the stupid shit i do, voluntarily i might add, it was worth it. it fits well and isn’t too girly for my butch trucker lesbian style. the color is a bit hard to combine, seeing that i’m just now realizing it’s the first blue top i’ve owned in a decade, but i’m pretty sure i’ll find some use for it. if not, i can burn it in a ritualistic fashion and have my universally allotted moment’s fun that way. and before you ask, no, i didn’t run out of yarn. the sleeves are meant to be that short.

to the pattern designer i raise my proverbial hat for creating realistic proportions as opposed to idealistic. unlike garnstudio seems to believe, people slouch. thank you, jane, for realizing that the back piece needs to have more stitches than the front. and the fit at the shoulders really is freakin’ gorgeous, don’t you think? yes, you do.

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