the following post contains offensive religious material and should not be read by anyone.

so it’s obvious my life is not turning out the way i wanted it to. the ass-shattering pain is still there despite the surgery, and i’m having an infernally hard time adjusting to the thought that it may never go away. i’ve also come down with the flu which makes thinking and overall taking care of myself gazillion times harder.

i blame god. i don’t like him and he doesn’t like me. so we keep throwing steaming balls of turd at each other until one of us gives over. i do appreciate the oxymoronic nature of a fecal fight between myself and a (supposedly) bearded astral figure who i have no subjective experience of even existing, but somehow i still wake up nigh every morning with a fresh batch of baby green on my face. while he gets away squeaky clean. what a douche.

and now that we’re on it, wasn’t it therapy? that once accurately sang “god kicks with both feet and keeps his shoes clean”?

it’s also obvious that the only way to provide any immediate or long-term relief for such unfair and unpleasant fate is to buy yarn.

which i did. i bought 17 skeins of yarn.

sparkly yarn. fluffy yarn. yarn that makes me forget all about god and his douchy, enigmatic ways. a little felted tweed. couple of cashmerino blends. a flavia or two. some silk wool. and other blissfully soft stuff i couldn’t keep my hands off from.

i have no idea what i’m gonna make with all this stuff. i still have an untouched bag lying on my floor with 400g of viking eco ull, 500g of both drops alaska and karisma and four million skeins of raggegarn from my previous god-hates-us-all shopping spree. which, oddly, i do in fact recall being soundtracked by slayer at the time.

but again, the point is to have them before i need them, not after. in my mind this makes perfect sense.

p.s. i’m sure this blog will eventually return to idyllic representations of my actual knitting instead of going on and on about planning on knitting, preparing for knitting and/or failing at knitting. in the meantime.. oh well.

p.p.s. check out the new villavyyhti in helsinki. now.

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