for those not familiar with what’s truly imporant in life, the lady in the previous post was bette davis in now voyager (1942) and the letter (1940).

notice how she’s ugly when she’s weaving, frumpy when she’s crocheting, and completely smokin’ hot when she’s knitting.

the defence rests.

in other news, here’s a shawl i made. the boy took the pictures. he made me look all girly and pretty (i’m wearing a dress, for god’s sake) and afterwards we went back home and had hot perverted sex chocolate milk until dawn. as some consenting adults choose to do.

line break by veera
madelinetosh tosh merino light (160g / 3mm)


to be fair the shawl has been finished since april. but i can’t keep up with all the stuff that happens anymore. there’s just so little time, and so much chocolate milk to be had.

mysteriously, at the same time, i’ve had to cut down work hours as well as knitting hours, because my retarded body won’t keep up either. i’m 28 and so, so broken. i have hip pains, joint pains, back pains, nerve pains, horrible eyesight, thinning hair and a general sense of an expiration date long since passed, notably manifested in the 13 different medications i’ve stooped down to taking daily.

but as god, bob and all other deities know, it takes a shitload more than that to break my spirit. in fact, i dare you, I DOUBLE DARE YOU, MOTHERFUCKER, TO SAY ‘WHAT’ ONE MORE–

yes. the shawl.


even at the risk of sounding unacceptably exhilarated, it’s a divinely perfect combination of yarn, texture, shape and colour that enamors me and positively sweeps me off my feet every time i wear it – and apparently others too (hi becca – no you can’t have this one, make your own bloody shawl!). making it was pure bliss from start to finish and taking it off the needles literally hurt my insides and made a part of me die – much like childbirth (episiotomy, anyone?), and indeed this furry piece of red cloth is my baby, probably more so than any actual human being will ever be.

i wanted it to be a bit smaller than the original sample, so i used 3mm needles instead of the suggested 4’s. the size turned out just right. it’s big enough to wear as a wrap, but small enough to tie around the neck. the tighter gauge makes it a bit warmer too.


not that additional warmth has been necessary here lately. we are now officially at day 35 of the epic nonstop heat wave of 2013 (it hasn’t rained in five weeks, and i can smell it). but hot weather makes for pretty pictures, and also melts some of the permafrost of my cold, icy heart.

the spiders get fucking huge though. where the hell is the DDT?

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  1. bahahahahah you are hilarious!!! I still want your shawl though. but you'll be happy to know my shawl is well on the needles 😉 xoxoxo miss you!

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