workin’ in a coal mine

so they just gave me a job at the local yarn store.

me. a job. at the local yarn store.

they didn’t have to. but they did. because they’re awesome. and now i get to spend all day sticking my fingers into the enchanting little orifices at each side of the lovely balls of yarn, you know, the thing yarnaholics do when they want to feel the texture properly – a finger or two just fits there so nicely – which to the untrained eye may seem like an exercise in some kind of warped sexual expression, but really, it’s not.

it’s not.

oh and the customer service part, i’ll probably have to do that too, but only if my hands are free.

anyway. i got a job. at the local yarn store.

which is just about as awesome as things can get right now. so for this one time, and i promise i shall never ask for this again, please allow me to say..


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