mom’s birthday

nothing says “i love you mom” like a hand-made present with a little blood, sweat and tears sprinkled on top. which is why exactly two weeks before mom’s birthday i decided to make her a lace scarf. the idea was beautiful of course, and the outcome too. getting there, not so much.

size 180 x 27 cm
wetterhoff sivilla (75 g/3.5mm)

i assure you, my mother is not being held
at gunpoint in this picture

the pattern was pretty clear and knitting it wasn’t hard at all, just a lot of repetitive work. but when it comes to details and finishing my IQ drops by 40 points the second the basic chart is done. graft without reading the instructions? okay. thread the edges with sticky cotton yarn? sure. start blocking at 0:30AM? why not. and don’t bother counting the charts either, a ballpark figure is accurate enough. frogging lace is easy anyway. sheesh.

here’s me grafting. see?

i ended up redoing simple things over and over, because the lobotomic side of my brain couldn’t keep up with the excitement, and because the smart part just couldn’t let it go. also there was a south park marathon on TV during the first trainwreck of a blocking cycle, which may or may not have contributed to the lack of focus and abundance of epically retarded decisions. sticks and stones may break my bones but i’m jesus and you aren’t.

still, 10 days for my second ever lace scarf is not bad. and mom seemed to like it. the yarn choice was perfect too, although the color was supposed to be a little more pink and less purple. so in the end the project turned out fine. but will i learn anything from all the shit i put myself through here?

hell no. same time next year.

more pics after the jump.

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