greetings, granny-o

i suppose i should say welcome. or something.

hi! i am liisa, the slightly obnoxious, fluff-covered queen of the universe.

you may remember me from such recent hits as the great speed knitting debacle of 2013, the fabled story of losing a red scarf (and why the fuck anyone should care), or the attempt to lure clara parkes into a lesbian threesome.

if not, that’s cool. i’m not actually famous.

fluff & hustle is an expansion of what i’ve done so far and an ambitious placeholder for things i will do in the future – most of them involving some level of world domination, some of them likely pertaining to farts and nailpolish (you’ll see).

the remnants of socks-a-plenty, my incredibly neglected, illegitimate brain-child from before-time, are still here for you to read and enjoy and draw incriminating conclusions from.

i wish you all a safe journey to the inner workings of my mind, which, in the immortal words of ace ventura, pet detective, are stinky… and loaded with danger.

thank you, qaplá, fuck yeah.

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