christmas came early

i deserve all this stuff. i really do. because i’m such a good person. who happened to be in a desperate need of a yarn swift.

and who also happens to be very much in non-platonical love with the color yellow.

better start punishing myself for such objectionable folly. satanic waste of hard-earned cash, guaranteed to cause premature death in some gruesome, goresome yarn-related incident.

no, wait. fuck this. as of right now i refuse to feel guilty over the yarn-related stuff i buy. i don’t care what anyone says. it’s my money and my obsession. there’s nothing wrong with prioritizing yarn over food if it’s hand-dyed and pretty. and whether i have any immediate use for it is irrelevant, because the hanks are indeed pretty to look at and in their wonderful woolly texture offer soft consolation for my tear-stained, petless, husbandless soul. besides, a wise woman once said…

“i always feel a bit of a need to apologize for the yarn i buy. i feel like i should justify it or explain it or excuse it. but really, that’s silly. this is my business, and it requires yarn. so i bought some.”

some meaning 16.

so in this industry i’m still considered moderate. which means i need to go buy some more. now.

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