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  1. it was so ridiculously hard that i wanted to hurl the damn thing out the window. i don&#39;t like stuff i&#39;m not instantly and awe-inspiringly good at. but i bought some more roving and will resume practise as soon as my blood pressure returns to safe levels.<br /><br />which may be never.<br /><br />but the fiber makes for a nice decoration anyway.

  2. I had problems myself with the heavy drop spindle, but when I tried to spin with a very light one, it went very well… just that I had other problems, so I did not spin for a while. I am not very good at it, but I can tell you, that it is doable!!!

  3. of course it may all boil down to me not accepting anything besides perfection. i&#39;m not sure i&#39;ll ever get the consistency i want with the plies using a drop spindle, and probably wouldn&#39;t use handspun yarn for any actual projects. even noro is way too inconsistent for me in terms of thickness.<br /><br />but of course it takes practise. too bad i have the patience of a 3-year old.

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