cancel christmas

warning. an image-heavy post follows.

so i made a rather impressive performance at a handicrafts fair last sunday. in terms of buying stuff anyway. screw christmas. consider my presents opened.

the fair was 150 miles away from me so mom came along and we staid overnight at a hotel. ate bad burgers, farted, giggled, farted again. like any other normal mother-daugther pair would do.

the fair seems to get bigger and bigger each year and this time there were almost 600 exhibitors trying to lure me to the dark side. an alarming number succeeded. oh well. i may be a servant of satan now but at least i’ve got stuff. much, much stuff.

and i really made a point to only buy stuff that’s ecological, domestic or otherwise inherently good as far as consumer conscience goes. this awesome necklace from intoa is made out of old carpet rags. look at the scrumptuous color! look at it!

it obviously calls for a matching set of earrings. because sometimes i like to dress up and feel like a girly girl. these enameled beauties are from pauliina rundgren.

filling up my needle stash. i never knew knitpicks needles come in packs of 6. now i can break one just for the hell of it! oh snap!

then i found some gorgeous undyed dk weight lamb’s wool from honkarinteen lammastila, which is an organic farm in southwest finland. the yarn’s so gorgeous and soft that i want to wrap myself in it. sleep in it. make love to it. can’t live without it.

i met the farm owner too, which is absolutely the best thing about these fairs. what an amazingly nice person. it’s one thing to buy mass-produced yarn at a department store, and a completely different thing to buy yarn from someone who’s fed and sheared the sheep herself and then spun the yarn with her own hands.

some hand-dyed sock yarn from hopeasäie

some ridiculously soft, i-have-no-idea-what-i’m-gonna-do-with-this-but-i-had-to-buy-it-anyway merino from kirkkomäki

a set of sock blockers from succaplokki… although in my shopping craze bought the small size instead of medium. rendering them somewhat useless. oh well. they’re pretty and i supported eco-friendly production. so money well spent i guess.

and finally i found the most perfect bag ever. it’s exactly the right size, opens with one hand, works both as handbag and shoulder bag, and fits an amazing amount of stuff in it. and it’s made out of recycled army materials. globe hope, please allow me to build you an altar where i shall worship you for hours on end. naked if necessary.

what a fruitful sunday it was. same time next year, folks!

oh and you may have noticed that the art of photography is getting increasingly crappy here. choosing to live in arctic latitudes means having zero natural light this time of year. but fear not. only five more months of fumbling in the dark. it’s not that long, right?


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