arsenic & old lace

today i bring you tidings of last year, the tail end of 2014, when life was still constant and/because season two of true detective had not been made yet.

to the statement, “but liisa, it’s now substantially later than last year” my response is, “yes, i know, now shut up and go make me some pie.”

it was around christmastime when i made emelie, a lovely cashmere-y cardigan in a highly non-offensive colour, because a major work event in the states was coming up and for reasons i can’t quite remember i felt i should tone down my regular attire a notch.


knitting this nondescript puppy was a downright breeze – the pattern is very easy to follow and creates the most wearable of garments with a criminally low level of effort. and it does look rather sophisticated, even if my face sometimes often always looks slightly less so.


for some reason this cardigan always reminds me of that epic screwball comedy of yore, arsenic and old lace, which portrays mental illness and a homicidal pair of grannies in as endearing a way as only frank capra could. perhaps it’s because plucky knitter did a club colour like this called “old lace” way back when? or would that be too obvious of an answer? or could it be a subconscious freudian fetish of sorts?

quick, have a boob shot to distract you!


in other news, only a few more sleeps until another great big revelation! it’s something i’ve been secretly working on for the last 6 months, and it will literally BLOW YOU AWAY. i can barely contain myself. it’s too awesome for words. words hard are when excitement much. ready?

click here for more project details

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