winner & a rant

time to play god again and reveal the new owner of my birthday giveaway prize. to all of you gasping in horror how i can let go of such a beauty, i say, well… i’m guess i’m just cool like that. you might wanna start making friends with me right about now.

according to an all-knowing, all-singing and all-dancing random number generator, the lucky winner is…

papayamaya, with her comment number 6!

congrats sister! i’ve sent you a message with more info.

thanks to everyone for the good wishes. here’s to another year of obsessive hoarding, failed (and occasionally successful) knitting projects and, most important of all, reporting about said activities in the form of long, incohesive, psychotic rants! chi-ching!

speaking of psychotic rants… i’m currently stuck in some kind of a knitting limbo. it’s something that inevitably happens whenever i fail to program my knittings into a smooth schedule that glides effortlessly from one project to the next. such overlapping range of simultaneous knits is vital for my well-being because it ensures i always have something to do. if i get bored with one thing, i’ll toss it aside and knit something else for a while. and when that one thing gets finished, there’s another thing already waiting in line.

but such an ingenious plan is statistically doomed to fail every once in a while.

first i made cutesy. as soon as that was done i moved on to gyllis. at the same time i was making both bedford and twenty-ten. once gyllis was done i made wurm and two ruffle necklaces, and then went back to finish bedford. while bedford was blocking i picked up twenty-ten and got that done in a couple of days (photos to come at some point). but after that…


there was no semi-finished project waiting, because, being a crazy person and thus unhealthily obsessed with my (supposedly) messy raglan increases, i had frogged my otherwise well-off still light a little earlier. so there was nothing to glide effortlessly to. i had no idea what to do with myself, so in terror i picked up a skein of heritage silk and began frantically knitting a sock, fully realizing it would be a mere comfort project until i managed to find a proper one, but not realizing what a mo**erf***ing pain in the poohole that yarn is. (feel free to disagree, but i’m never, ever, EVER making socks with that yarn again. slippery son of a bitch.) so the skein flew out the window and my fragile sanity went even fragilerer.

and now i can’t seem to knit anything, because the knitting part of my brain is in complete lockdown state to keep all further unpleasantries away.

so i’m watching hour after hour of air crash investigation instead. normally i would knit something at the same time, which sort of softens down the horror, but now i just stare blankly at the broken-off tail fins, flaming fuselages and weeping mothers, whose kids weren’t even supposed to be on that flight.

bob, please come back.

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  1. booo… you'll get out of this knitting limbo.. promises.. xoxo have you seen some of jane's new patterns? uber pretty. i'm trying to knit up annie… with some baby alpaca scored at fibers west… but, i've got a craft show at the end of the month, that's kind of taking up all of my time right now. not to mention a baby cardi that kind of has to be finished by saturday. eeks!

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