as promised, here’s some actual knitting i’ve been able to finish lately.

my friend turned 26. i wanted to make her something nice for the winter. enter thermis.

thermis by kris knits
size small
cascade 220 (90g / 4mm)

the pattern infamously has gauge errors that still haven’t been corrected, but having a decent level of common sense helps. the finished piece is pretty nifty, although next time i’ll probably cast on a few stitches less to make it more close-fitting. i couldn’t find the right type of buttons in any store, but sort of accidentally came across an age-old cardigan in my closet that had exactly the ones i was looking for. off with their heads! they look better now than ever.

and blocking made the 220 look really good too. the surface is smooth and even and makes the thermal stitch more visible. not all yarns actually benefit that much from blocking, in my knitting at least. or maybe it’s just that i can’t see the difference with my beady little eyes. yeah. that’s probably it.

but anyway, the recipient seems happy (notice how you can’t see the shotgun pointing at her?) so i guess this one falls unexpectedly into the job-well-done category.

but i’m still in a desperate, frustrating need of a better camera. not a single photo comes out that doesn’t need 20 minutes of color tweaking. it drives me insane. so someone please fix my fuckin’ ass (positively no pun intended) for good so i can finally get a job and money and a killer EOS or something. thank you.

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