clockwork awesome

yes. i do appreciate the irony in the fact that i’ve basically replaced one genre of skinny white guys singing about their feelings (nu-metal) with another genre of skinny white guys singing about their feelings (indie).

now let’s never talk about it again.

as for today’s topic, let me just take a moment here and revel in the magnificent sunshine of this following piece of yarny artwork.

clockwork by stephen west
mokkasukka sasu & austermann step (80g & 50g / 3.5mm)

dear stephen. i think you’re a genious, and also kind of hot. please write more patterns so that i can send you money and used panties flowers.

which is not to overlook the supreme keanu reeves type excellence of the yarn. mokkasukka will change your life. get some. like, now.

also feel free to worship my shirt, which is awesome.

awesome, i said.

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  1. The Shirt is more than awesome!!! Liisa I loooove your blog. It should be insanely popular just because of the way you&#39;re writing :D<br />Btw, I started a blog as well! But only one entry so far. I think the next on will be about cutie pink Shelly that is sitting on my shelf 😀 <br />I will link your blog than as well :*

  2. i agree, it should! but i have three words for people out there. violence, bribery and extortion. resorting to them shall be the next logical step if i don&#39;t soon start attracting some serious international following.<br /><br />love your blog though! and thanks for the kind words 🙂

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