some ranting, and a grand release

yes, i’ve been MIA most of this year.

this year. this goddamn fucking year.

this year has been by far the hardest year of my life. after each magnitude 11 size blow i thought things surely couldn’t get any worse, and yet miraculously, as if through god’s own vengeful hand, they always did.

but i’m still here, alive, standing on my own feet, incidentally with a freshly bought earthquake insurance in my hand, because for whatever the fuck is still to come, I’M READY.


resentful ranting aside, i do have some really exciting news to share with you.

early last year i wrote three knitting patterns for sweetgeorgia to use in their pattern kits. now that the rights to these patterns have recently returned back to me, it’s high time to put these babies out under my very own name!

please join me in frantically applauding the re-release of the nineteen twenty shrug and the matilda set!


the nineteen twenty now comes with a much-requested large size in addition to the two smaller ones, and the pattern PDF has been fully revamped with more construction info and revised measurements. hopefully putting this beauty together is more straightforward now!


i’ve reworked the matilda mitts and cowl in madelinetosh twist light, in their spectacularly deep red colourway, tart. the colour is practically made for these crisp autumn days and serves as the perfect background for the cable details. and i believe it’s 100% hipster approved too!

because most people (incomprehensibly) hate purling, i’ve made changes to the cowl construction to tone down the amount of purling required. i’ve also tweaked the sizing to make sure you can make both the mitts and cowl with a single skein of yarn.


all three patterns are available now through my ravelry pattern store, and as a special re-release surprise all three are 50% off until the end of november! no coupon code needed so hurry up and grab ’em all – all the monies are for my direct benefit! plenty of more photos there too of ashley and jing being disgustingly pretty! barf!

there are more exciting things coming up later this year so check back here or on instagram for the latest news! imma have me some cake now. I’VE EARNED IT.

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