self-promotion sunday

in between my scheduled weekly “me first” time, a.k.a. sunday that’s entirely reserved for my own nihilistic needs which somehow always seems to mean changing bedsheets, putting my hair up in odd-looking buns and drinking tea in complete silence, i’m bringing you an important news bulletin.

i’ve just added lots of stuff to the etsy shop, so go take a look. new prices and all!

also i forgot to show you this earlier. a little quickie i finished a while back.

boreal by milja uimonen
rowan purelife renew (100g / 7mm)

certain people at work dared me to buy this yarn and so i did, because when it comes to yarn i have no self-control. you know it as well as i do. it’s not the worst yarn one could be dooped into buying, though. it looks and feels pretty good and it’s surprisingly soft, but the polyamid content makes my hair stand up. literally. but of course the recycled wool part makes up for any such cosmic deficiencies.

i’d had my eye on this pattern for a while but couldn’t figure out what yarn to knit it with. i had other bulky weight yarns in my stash but once i brought the renews home i wanted to try them out right away. too bad it’s the tweediest yarn ever that completely overshadows the textured intricacies of the pattern. oh well. it’s a great piece for work anyway. i’ll probably redo it with something more solid that drapes better too later on.

apologies for the shitty pictures though. again. one day the sun will come up again and we shall all live like kings.

i will now go back and turn off all the lights and enjoy the rest of me-day. in silence.

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