by this time you should all be aware that when it comes to knitting, and reporting about knitting, i am not a here-and-now kind of a person. let’s just say i’m very easily distracted.

so it shouldn’t surprise you that i’m coming forth today with yet another FO that has been finished for ages. seven months sounds about right. although this time a lot of it really has to do with crappy cameras, which, i’m glad to tell you, have recently been replaced by awesome cameras. cameras capable of giving knitted things the vibrancy and depth they so thoroughly deserve.

lovely by melissa kwan
sweetgeorgia superwash dk (65g / 4mm)


it’s a test knit for a cowl that was designed by my good friend, vigorous enabler, and cohort in all things yarn-related, melissa. she put the pattern together back in the winter and was brave enough to ask me to try it out (i say brave, because… well, all of the above). which i did, in two days, because i’m fast and awesome.


the cowl is the perfect one-skein project that doesn’t take that much concentration, but won’t bore you either. i used smaller needles, like i usually do, so the size came out a bit smaller than the pattern measurements. but since i like my cowls to be fairly close-fitting anyway, i can see how it could work even with fingering weight yarn. i can also appreciate the fact that the girly-girly heart motifs are balanced with rugged cables every now and then. i have my manliness to protect here, for god’s sake.

so in short, it’s a must-knit. go out and knit it, or else.*

in addition to all her yarn-related escapades, melissa periodically locks herself in a closet (literally – i’ve seen it) and sews project bags. she is too modest to believe it, but they are known throughout BC and beyond. so much so, in fact, that they don’t even make it to her etsy shop before they’re grabbed by knitters who notoriously hoard stuff and aren’t afraid to use their elbows in the process (while being brain-burstingly, ever-smilingly passive-aggressive about it).


but it just so happens that melissa is going to be a vendor at both fibrations and knit city (her first live appearances!) so this is your chance to have a look in person and get your own. act fast though, before some greedy skank buys them all. i’ll be the one who’s armed with zombie machetes and a pair of wolverine claws. what’s your plan, bitch?

*or else what? exactly. 

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  1. Hahaha…you are too hilarious Liisa!! But you know that I love you! :)<br /><br />Your cowl looks fabulous!! Thank you for being a brave test knitter and for all your helpful tips!! Also, mega thanks for the product plugs! I&#39;ll be sending your cheque in the mail…and by cheque, I mean a piece of paper that will, in no way or form, resemble a type of payment. But just know that in the

  2. bahah I can&#39;t believe I&#39;ve missed these posts! I miss you and your writings! but you are so right. Melissa is amazing. I will be getting my hands on a few of her bags at knit city… and the cowl looks amazing! xo

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