here’s to friday

i have two words for you, people.

ruffle yarn.

you know. this type. lady with the shit-eating grin sold separately.

source: diamondyarn.com

i don’t know what the shiznit is in the real world right now but in most of finland ruffle yarn is the shiznit of the season. in genuine, scary, all-encompassing i-will-rip-your-fucking-heart-out-if-you-touch-that-last-ball magnitude. the sheer amount of speed and agility these (elderly) people seem to summon up whenever ruffle yarn is in sight is almost awe-inspiring. and being a member of the entrepreneurial party and thus witnessing such agitated behavior daily all i can do is sort of smile and accept their money. ka-ching, baby.

which is not to say i actually either approve or encourage the use of such yarn for any other purposes than providing a cautionary example of inexplicable mass hysteria. that and glittery acrylic toilet paper.

because even though i thoroughly support all kinds of handicrafts, and am willing to overlook many, many types of fugly in the name of DYI, ruffle yarn is the satanic mother of all fuglies and should be treated as such.

and some day, presumably around 20 seconds before i get fired, i will take matters into my own hands and begin preaching my gospel called THOU SHALT NOT USE RUFFLE YARN OR ELSE.

but being a martyr is kinda cool too, right?

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  1. It's not just Finland. I've been seeing this around here in Canada too. I was at a crafts store earlier today and there was a group of much older ladies ooohhing and ahhing over the newest colours in acrylic EYELASH yarn. Then trying to decide which colours to buy to make their daughters and nieces scarves. I really wanted to yell at them to not do. But I'm a bad Samaritan and

  2. yeah that's the worst part, being constantly asked "what color would YOU want to wear" and having to force down the compulsive need to reply "FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, NONE" like trying to swallow your own barf.

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