i’ve been busy. lots of things happening around here. many of them good, some not so good.

things changing across the board.


despite all the insane and outrageous and preposterously rewarding life-changing choices i’ve made in the recent years, i’m really not very good with change at all.

change is something unknown and uncontrollable. it scares the living fuck out of me. change may open doors, but you know who else uses doors?


i’m taking very slow and apprehensive steps towards a direction where there’s nothing but intuition. i don’t know what’s going to happen. there’s no precedent in my life for any of the things i’m doing now.

is the road going to be awesome and inspiring, or am i going to end up flatlining on the side of a highway somewhere? how do i know what to take with me, and what to dump along the way? how do i gauge what happiness is, or what it could be?

is this what being a grown-up is?

there’s a sense of changing weather in my fat belly and there’s just no way of knowing how good or bad it’s going to be.

so i’m just kind of sitting here, knitting something, and breathing, and going, “okay, yeah, let’s see how fast them zombies are. “

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