growing up

i’ve been hostessing* this blog for some time now and looks like my baby’s growing up. the lovely becca at nook just gave me my first blog award!

keep ’em coming, people.

as for the award rules, i’m supposed to state seven interesting things about myself and then play the honor forward.

well, you’d be dead wrong to think i’d conform to such conformist conformity that easily. i need to bend the rules somehow.

i’m giving the award to hunter at violently domestic because both her parlance and the stuff she makes is awesome. period.

and here are five carefully selected and completely non-random facts about me. take that, conformity.

1. i can cross my toes. a great conversation-opener too.

2. my all-time favorite treat is potato chips mixed with vanilla ice cream into a heaping pile of sweet’n’salty goodness. oh god how much i want it. now. seriously. RIGHT N–

3. i love aeroplanes. looking at them, that is. not flying with them. i hate flying. being paralyzed with some kind of primitive death-fear is not my thing. but i could watch planes all day long from now until.. well, the day i die. in a burning flaming fireball of a mid-air collision, preferably. taxiing planes, landing planes, parked planes, i don’t care. planes.

4. i once washed the bathroom sink with my flatmate’s toothbrush. what can i say. i was disgruntled. marika, if you’re out there.. well, you should’ve been nicer.

5. i secretly hope that the correct answer is, in fact, mormons. because that would be funny.

*yes it’s a real word

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  1. haha liisa, you're awesome. i LOVE your random toe-crossing talents! and i bet that if we were ever flat-mates, you'd never use my tooth brush. just sayin'. 🙂

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