somewhere between everything that has and has not been going on recently, there was summer, and yarn, and a shawl.

quill by jared flood
size gigantic
BT loft (220g / 3.5mm)


also there was a deep and profound sense of discomfort at being photographed – despite the many, many unspeakably dirty favors the photographing party was willing to offer in return of a single frame where eyes weren’t crossed, tongues weren’t out and/or breasts weren’t flashed.


what can i say. there is something utterly disturbing about posing in front of a machine that has the full capacity to capture your soul and put it in a jar and sell it to the gypsies, all the while being bent into weird shapes and attempting to look as if you were too cool to care.


still – what a lovely, therapeutic knit, and what a lovely heathered colour, which, incidentally, was personally approved for this particular project by the lovely jared flood himself at vogue knitting in april.

sizewise it turned out to be more of a blanket than a shawl though, and as such has found its place less as an everyday accessory and more as a priceless sit-on-me-and-fucking-die type of chair cover.


but for one day it got to go out and be pretty, and artisticky, and pretty, and indeed it was, and things were good, and souls remained intact, and afterwards there was a bit of boobage, and that was lovely too.

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