i’m not dead

jesus. it’s been two weeks already?

i’m alive and working and abiding by the holiest of guidelines when it comes to parlance, which roughly goes that if one doesn’t have anything remotely interesting to say one should save everyone the trouble and shut the fuck up (and stop referring to oneself as ‘one’). in effect…i’m a dude…who abides.

so here’s me not stooping down to pointless smokescreen jabber and empty sentences of the fancy long-winding sort, which some other asshole out there might well do just to fool you into thinking that some extremely relevant and immensely wise content is, in fact, being said, when all the while it is clear for anyone to see it’s all a lazy attempt to hide the subject’s inherent lack of substance as well as any kind of respect towards the intelligence of his/her readers and therefore, vicariously, the entire human race.

that’s just not me.

instead, i’m presenting you with some distressing evidence of my recent hoarding.

i’m gonna go grow an ironic moustache now or something.

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  1. Hahaha…I love this post! <br /><br />And I must say, I absolutely LOVE that colour at the bottom right corner and the skein right above it. Is that bottom one Wollmeise in Fritzi Frizzante??

    1. fritzi? i wish! my entire wollmeise stalking operation was based on the premise of them having fritzi in that update, which they didn&#39;t. but i got ahoi instead. which is fine. it&#39;s just more blue blue than fritzi&#39;s petrol blue.<br /><br />the one above that is a 100% merino called matkustaa from handu. the single most awesome hand-dyed brand in finland, lemme tell you. my stash page

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