it’s been a few months since my channa sweater came out, and i finally got the chance to make one for myself. oh, the life of a designer – you spend so much time making samples that simply vanish out the door the second you cast off that by the time you do get to treat yourself you just don’t want to anymore because you’ve already made the same pattern eight fucking times.

except with this pattern. with this pattern I COULD NOT WAIT to make my own. i had a crystal clear vision for it that i compulsively had to realize and so as soon as christmas break rolled along i just sat down and made it in like a week.

it’s perhaps because when i was originally designing channa i was really designing for myself. i was purely creating something that would tick all the boxes for me, just me, and fuck everyone else, and the fact that everyone else turned out to have essentially the exact the same boxes was sort of… well, incidental.

as i’ve so often said i’m a huge fan of rustic and earthy yarns so it will come as a surprise to exactly no one that my own channa was to be made in brooklyn tweed loft, the beautiful, tweedy lovechild of the ethereal man-unicorn that is jared flood and a wyomingite sheep called petunia (i assume).

wait.. did i take that too far?

everything about the marriage of the design and this yarn is so perfect that frankly i’m astonished i came up with this idea in the first place. the fit is phenomenal, the colour looks fucking spectacular on me, it feels right, it drapes right.

and yet, all i really want to know is… what would jared flood say? would he approve? would he place is accepting hand on my head and gently say, “that’ll do, pig”?

you tell me.






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  1. it really is perfection. I was staring at this on ravelry just today, wondering if i could go splurge on a sq for myself.. 🙂 i LOVE this. it looks amazing. well done! and YAY for finally knitting selfishly! xo

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