speaking of line breaks…

…i made another one. a blue one. in six days. with fingerless mitts to match. i was in a rush, and in my usual rabid acid speed monkey mode. it does wonders for my project knitting, but less for what my friend, who recently spent a fortune and flew 15 hours only to see me knit non-stop for six days, calls social life.


that’s as much of an apology as you’ll ever get out of me, and you all know it.

but let it also be known, and visually observed, how pretty the set turned out to be. garter is my friend, my lover, my well-behaving woolly poodle bitch. garter makes the asymmetric short-rows drape gorgeously and the eyelets pop out just right. and the mitts, while completely brainless in construction (hence no pattern), hug your hands with all their squishiness and provide extra warmth thanks to the interlocking rows.


channa modeled. because she’s pretty and photogenic. thanks, channa, for being pretty and photogenic, and putting up with my art direction. i curse because i care.


the set’s already found its way to its new owner back in finland – a very special person who reached a rather respectable milestone recently and greeted this unexpected form of postal gifting with much joy and gratitude. normally i don’t do much gift knitting, because i’m such a selfish tit, but this time the exception was both justified and rewarding.

we might have started something here, and it terrifies me.

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