goodbye, my love

i used to love you.

the way you looked, the way you felt.

i used to come up and softly pet you, caress your every curl, worship every fibre of your being. you completed me in ways i had never thought possible.

i could see a future with you. i could see myself growing old with you. wrapped inside your loving arms until the day i died. together, forever.

but then… something happened.

i began to hesitate. a dark voice inside my head said you weren’t right for me. i had spent all my time with you, for weeks, for months, and suddenly all i could see in you were your flaws. you irritated me with everything you were and aspired to be. in a short time you had grown into someone i couldn’t bring myself to love anymore.

whenever i saw you i could only think how much better off i would be with someone else, and how you deserved someone better than me.

for weeks i tried to push these thoughts down. i wished with all my might that things were different, that there was some way to go back and fix them. but it felt cruel to keep going when clearly we weren’t going anywhere.

so, in a moment of teary-eyed, unfathomable sadness and endless mercy, i ripped you apart, drowned you and hung your lifeless body up to dry.

“i’m sorry”, i whispered. “you just weren’t right for me.”

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  1. Oh wow! Gorgeous yarn!! I think a lot of frogging has been happening to a lot of knitters lately. I feel your pain. I've done this three times now this month alone. But trust me, this yarn and you, deserve better! 😉

  2. frogging is indeed in the air. i read about your sudden loss of mojo but was afraid to say anything lest you throw an angry bird at me. man would that hurt.<br /><br />but a responsible knitter knows her limits and i&#39;ve found mine. i do have some vague plans for the yarn (elsebeth lavold&#39;s silky wool, btw) but i think we need to wait a little before getting back together.

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